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Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant raised salaries by 10 percent from January 2020

In January 2020, PFP increased its employees’ salaries by 10 percent. PFP management emphasized that the salary increase is an important step within the framework of the plant’s policy aimed at increasing social protection of its employees.

“PFP’s mission and its vision, in addition to efficient production, prioritizes the development of an ecological and socially responsible business, thereby providing our employees with good working conditions and proper salaries in an atmosphere of safety, respect and trust. Our policy strives towards continuously reducing harmful effects on the environment caused by production process. We are focused on increasing the efficiency of our production, providing healthcare, and protecting our employees from any potential harmful influence of the production process,” commented Denis Shevchenko, Director General of PFP. “The enterprise guarantees that it will meet all of its legislative, statutory and constructive obligations before its clients and society at large. It also guarantees constant improvement of its integrated management system, taking into consideration the context and aims set.” Development of fair wage policies, taking into account the interests of both employer and employees, is one of the most important tasks for a modern management team.

In this context, the average salaries at PFP have almost doubled over the past three years. As agreed with Solway Group, PFP increased salaries for its workers on 1 July 2018 by 28 percent for the entire plant staff, including a raise of 40 percent for engineering and technical workers and an increase of 20-50 percent for other professions. The possibility of increasing salaries will be considered on a regular basis, dependent on PFP’s key performance indicators.