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Pobuzhsky Ferronicel Plant and Charity Foundation “Development Of Pobuzhya” confirm their commitment to sustainable development principles

Changes of the administrative structure of the region allowed to expand the geography of implementation of social programs

Changing the administrative and territorial structure of the region and the creation of the Pobuzhska Joint Territorial Community, which united 6 settlements of Golovanevsky district of the Kirovograd region, puts new challenges for Pobuzhsky Ferronickel plant, as Director General of PFP Denys Shevchenko says.

“The creation of the Pobugskaya Joint Territorial Community puts new challenges for the plant and for Charity Foundation “Development  Of Pobuzhya”, which we are ready to meet. Despite the additional burden, we must take care of our roads, about warmth and comfort in kindergartens and schools ,about qualitative and affordable health care, about lonely people, the disabled and veterans.”

During the last three months of this year, the “Development of Pobuzhya” Charity Foundation, established with the active participation of the Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant, and the plant itself expanded the geography of activity throughout the Pobuzhska Joint Territorial Community.

Among the assistance provided, prevails the cost of developing social, educational and medical infrastructure of the settlements, included in the newly created Community.  Within this period in the settlements of Pushkovo,  Kapitanka,  Lushnato and  Sukhoi  Tashlyk projects were  implemented worth of more than UAH120,000.

Schools and kindergartens were supplied with media and computer equipment; the hospital and the ambulance station were supplied with technical means, including oxygen concentrator, which is especially needed for patients with coronavirus infection.   Administrative center of the Community was also given support – UAH313 thousand were transferred for different needs. Besides that, PFP continues financing the work of city’s infrastructure.  Repair works were performed in educational institutions, induction center, sports complex. Expenses for environmental improvement of the settlement, for garbage disposal in particular, amounted to UAH130 thousand. Social programs, implemented by the Plant and the Charity Foundation, cover not only infrastructure issues, but also provide help to the population. Thus, during three months some residents were provided with material assistance.

Social programs, implemented by the plant and the charity foundation amounted to UAH35 thousand.

It was not without festive greetings: for example, in the Community Center of Pobugskoye, with the support of the plant, St. Nicolas Reception was organized and gifts for little residents of the village were purchased.

“Following the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development, our plant provides assistance in solving various social issues of the local community on a constant basis. It is a fundamental policy of the plant and of our investors, Solway International Group. Following global  trends,  we continue developing in three areas:  Environmental (ecology), Social (social policy) and Governance (management). And I believe that the accurate adherence to the principles of sustainable development will allow us to cope with new challenges properly”,-  summed up Denis Shevchenko.