13.09.2023 Believing in the best

A deceptive aggression has brought the city forming enterprises in Ukraine to the brink of survival Until recently, the residents of Pobuzke settlement enjoyed a sense of stability and security. The Pobuzky Ferronickel Plant, the sole industrial enterprise in the settlement, operated without interruption, upgraded their equipment with a good purpose, implemented both environmental and […]

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PFP’s social policy to be adjusted

Despite the shutdown, Pobuzky Ferronickel Plant, as agreed with their investor, Solway International Group, keeps fulfilling their social obligations to support the life of Pobuzke community. However, due to the forced shutdown, the management hat to adjust their social program to some extent, having stopped implementing a number of projects on the infrastructure development in […]


PFP to deal with the needs of internally displaced persons

The forced shutdown of the enterprise did not affect its charitable activities.   Since the beginning of the RF’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine, about one thousand of internally displaced citizens, including more than 200 children, found their shelter in the settlement of Pobuzke. Both the community and Pobuzky Ferronickel Plant, which is a city-forming enterprise, […]


Ukrainian business joins the initiative to collect damages from the Russian Federation

Domestic enterprises are already conducting work on fixing and assessing damage as a result of Russian aggression Domestic business supported the government’s initiative to create an international register of losses, recording and assessing damages as a result of Russian aggression. Ukrainian entrepreneurs are also conducting measures for independent expert assessment of damages. Last week, lawyers […]


Vyacheslav Kuprenyuk, head of settlement Pobuzke: “We would like to see the country cooperating with enterprises, especially with the town-forming ones”

The military aggression against Ukraine caused an essential damage to the whole economy of the country. On the other hand, there are specific settlements, which vital activities depend entirely on the successful operation of a single enterprise that is called as a town-forming one. The territorial community of Pobuzke is one of such regions. The settlement […]


PFP and charity fund “Development of Pobuzhya” keep supporting the territorial community

Despite the temporary suspension in manufacturing activities, Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant continues fulfilling their social obligations for the community Despite the fact that Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant was forced to stop their activities after Russian aggression to the electrical system of Ukraine after November 1, 2022, both the plant and the charity fund “Development of Pobuzhye” founded […]


PFP and Solway Group increase the amounts of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Their efforts are aimed at the raise in both medical supplies and living conditions of military personnel   Despite the fact that the strikes of Russian missiles over the country’s electrical system led to the suspension of manufacturing activities by Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant since November 1, 2022, the plant’s social activities are gaining strength. In […]


Solway Investment Group introduces its corporate Human Rights Policy

The company commits to carry out and communicate annual Human Rights Impact Assessments Solway is addressing the high importance of producing and marketing products in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner by introducing the new corporate Human Rights Policy identifying standards, principles and basic rules it commits to respect. Under this policy Solway adheres to respect […]


Our strength is in unity

The trials that befell our country on the eve of its thirty-first year of independence force us to take a new approach to the concepts of social responsibility and socially oriented business. Understanding its responsibility as a city-forming enterprise, the Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant is increasing the amount of aid to both the local community and […]