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PFP’s social policy to be adjusted

Despite the shutdown, Pobuzky Ferronickel Plant, as agreed with their investor, Solway International Group, keeps fulfilling their social obligations to support the life of Pobuzke community.

However, due to the forced shutdown, the management hat to adjust their social program to some extent, having stopped implementing a number of projects on the infrastructure development in the settlement of Pobuzke.

The owner of Pobuzky Ferronickel Plant, the Swiss holding company Solway Investment Group Limited GmbH, has financed both all expenses of the non-operating plant, and humanitarian projects, which support the military personnel and the community, for more than six months.

Considering that PFP, LLC is a city-forming enterprise (the community’s budget was based on three fourth of PFP’s revenues before the war) and the life of Pobuzke community depends on their operations, – in particular, in water supply, water discharge, water purification, functioning of social and cultural objects – such support has a great meaning not only for the enterprise but for the community as well.

“Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, our investor, Solway International Group, has made a decision to proceed with fulfilling social obligations undertaken. However, the actual amounts of the social help have increased, including the aid rendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, – as informed by PFP’s General Director, Denis Shevchenko. – “Besides, PFP, being supported by Solway’s sustainable position in terms of fulfilling the undertaken obligations, will keep working places for more than the third of workers, including those called to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the major overhaul, until the conditions for the production commencement arrive. Besides, they will continue ensuring the operation of objects being part of critical and social infrastructure of Pobuzke community”.

On the other hand, he stressed out that not only the wellbeing of PFP’s workers and their families, but also those of workers from hundreds of various companies and entrepreneurs who ensured logistic support, provided services, and carried out works for Ukrainian companies of Solway Group, depends on the stable operation of the enterprise.

During the full-scale war, 205 PFP’s employees were called to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, received disturbance allowances when they were called to the military services, as well as a monthly financial aid from PFP. Both Solway and PFP provide regular help to the requisitioned employees and to many other military personnel as well. The company supports the volunteer movement, provides with medications and the humanitarian aid.