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PFP and charity fund “Development of Pobuzhya” keep supporting the territorial community

Despite the temporary suspension in manufacturing activities, Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant continues fulfilling their social obligations for the community

Despite the fact that Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant was forced to stop their activities after Russian aggression to the electrical system of Ukraine after November 1, 2022, both the plant and the charity fund “Development of Pobuzhye” founded with its help, keep supporting the territorial community of Pobuzhye and temporary displaced residents living there. This was mentioned in the plant’s message.

Thus, both the charity fund “Development of Pobuzhye” and PFP rendered their assistance to the amount of UAH 6.02 mln. for the reporting period. As said by the press service, except the constant tasks in supporting community’s medical, social and cultural infrastructure, the fund and the plant render help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to law enforcement bodies and to the territorial defense of the region on the regular basis. Besides, more than 700 temporarily displaced people, including 180 children, who live in the community’s territory, were taken under the care of both the fund and PFP.

Taking into account the winter times, PFP renders assistance in providing the residents with relevant media for heating and generating the electrical energy. Almost UAH 800 mln. were allocated for these purposes.

“Provided the Russian aggression and failures in power supply, we cannot stay away from urgent needs of our fellow countrymen. That is why, despite the temporary suspension in plant’s manufacturing activities, we continue helping both to residents of our community and to people who were forced to change their living place”, – Denis Shevchenko, PFP’s General Director, said. He also assured that plant’s employees who lost their jobs were taken under the plant’s care. He said that, first of all, concerns the medical support. In such a way, according to him, the medical aid for medical purposes amounted to about UAH 400 ths.

As informed before, due to the fact that the main part of the plant’s personnel has remained idle, they get 2/3 from their salaries from previous periods, according to the legislation. Another part of the employees is occupied full-time and services critical infrastructure’s objects, i.e. everything that concerns electrical, gas and water supply to both the plant and Pobuzhkoye. A certain number of employees is occupied with preparing the equipment to the winter as they resolve daily operating tasks and, in particular, render security services.