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PFP and Solway Group increase the amounts of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Their efforts are aimed at the raise in both medical supplies and living conditions of military personnel


Despite the fact that the strikes of Russian missiles over the country’s electrical system led to the suspension of manufacturing activities by Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant since November 1, 2022, the plant’s social activities are gaining strength. In such a way, according to the plant’s press service, the amounts of financing to the Armed Forces of Ukraine exceeded EUR 150 ths. for the recent time.

“Provided a groundless aggression of Russia against our country, we cannot remain indifferent to the needs of our defenders. That is why the plant and our investor, the international Solway Group, focused their joint efforts in providing the military personnel with the means of tactical medicine according to NATO standards, as well as in material assistance: both in equipment and regular daily supplies”, – Denis Shevchenko, PFP’s General Director, said.

According to him, the assistance is rendered via several channels: from the one hand, these are PFP and charity foundation “Development of Pobuzhya”, and from the other hand – Solway Group that undertook financing the purchase and the delivery of both required drugs and tactical medicine’s means from abroad in Ukraine. The plant and the fund work together on the local site. So, according to the words of Denis Shevchenko, they transferred medicaments to the amount of almost UAH 7 mln. to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Our help includes more than drugs only. On plant’s and fund’s accounts, we try to improve the living conditions of the military personnel and their level of equipping as well”, – PFP’s General Director explains. – “That is why you can find both modern radio stations and underwear in the supplies provided”.

According to the message of the plant’s press service, the PFP’s and Solway Group’s assistance is not limited with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In such a way, as per the information given, the plant also helps to regional law enforcement bodies and to the territorial defense as well.