Trade union

Protection of workers’ rights and interests

The union of metallurgists and miners at Pobuzhsky Ferro-Nickel Plant LLC has 1,769 members, which is equal to 95% of the total number of employees. The trade union committee consists of 16 trade union members, 14 heads of shop committees and 40 heads of trade union groups.

Membership in the union is very important because it is a reliable representation and protection of labor, socio-economic rights and interests of the union members and their families.

To protect the rights and interests of trade union members, prevent mass lay-offs, including while changing the ownership forms of enterprises; promote the creation of new workplaces and demand fair and decent remuneration for union members, which guarantees a normal living environment; to control the employer’s compliance with the labor legislation with respect to the members of the trade union, to create safe working conditions: all of these are just some of the many goals and objectives of the trade union committee.

Committees on organizational and production trade union activities and socio-economic protection of union members operate at the trade union committee level. They focus on housing and public catering issues, cultural and sports activities, health and labor safety, maternity protection, activities among youth, topics involving labor and wages, as well as labor disputes. Coordinated work of the commissions allows the trade union committee to respond in a timely manner to emerging problems and solve them jointly in cooperation with the plant’s management team.

On December 12, 2014, a report-election conference was held, and Fomin, Oleg Mikhailovich was elected Chairman of the trade union committee.