Electricity supply

The company is a member of the wholesale electricity market

Limited Liability Company “Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant” offers a supply of electricity on favorable terms.

Change of electricity supplier


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market” of 13.04.2017 No. 2019-VIII (hereinafter – the Law) came into force on 11.06.2017. According to the provisions of the Law, namely Clause 13 of Section XVIII of the Final and Transitional Provisions, power transmission organizations (oblenergo) will supply and transfer electricity to local LANs before 11.12.2018, and starting from 11.12.2018 they will only have the function of electricity distribution.

Consumers (except for household and small non-domestic consumers) who on the day the Law came into force were provided electricity by an electricity transmission company (oblenergo), must choose their electricity supplier and enter into an “electricity supply contract to the consumer” no later than 18 months from the date on which the Law came into force (i.e. before 11.12.2018).

The change of the electricity supplier by the consumer is performed on a free basis in the manner determined by the “Rules of the Retail Electricity Market”, approved by the Resolution of the NCRECP dated 14.03.2018. No. 312. If a consumer does not choose a new electricity supplier within 18 months from the day the Law came into force, e.g. before 11.12.2018, the supply of electricity this consumer, within no longer than 90 days, will be performed by the Provider of “last hope”, in accordance with Article 64 of the Law, which will be determined by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on a competitive basis. At the same time, the tariffs for the services of the “last hope” Provider will be significantly higher than the retail tariff of the electricity supplier.

Information for Consumers:

Limited Liability Company “Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant” reviews consumer complaints and claims regarding the quality of electricity supply at:

Ukraine, 26555, Kirovograd region, Golovanivskiy district, smt. Pobugske, vul. Promyslova, 12.

Phone: +38 (05252) 51393

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 17:00, break: from 13:00 to 14:00, days off: Saturday and Sunday

and applications, sent to the email address: ogepfk@gmail.com

The received appeals, complaints, claims and notices from consumers are considered in accordance with the procedure and terms, set by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Dispute settlement

Settlement of disputes concerning electricity

All disputes and disputes arising out of the issues of interpretation and application of the Electricity Supply Contract or in connection therewith, as well as other disputes that may arise during the interaction between LLC Pobuzhsky Ferro-Nickel Plant (hereinafter referred to as “the Electricity Supplier”) and the Consumer, are negotiated in a fair and swift manner.

LLC Pobuzhsky Ferro-Nickel Plant undertakes to consider complaints received from consumers and report the results of their consideration within one month.

In case of non-agreement through negotiations, the Consumer has the right to file a dispute resolution with the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities (hereinafter – the Regulator) in accordance with Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Commission for State regulation in the fields of energy and utilities” and/or refer the dispute to court in accordance with the terms of the agreement and applicable law of Ukraine.

Functions and authorities of the Regulator

The Regulator provides protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Consumers of goods (services), produced (provided) by economic entities, operating in the fields of energy and utilities, consideration of such Consumers’ complaints and dispute resolution, providing clarifications on application of the regulatory legal acts of the Regulator.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution

The Regulator examines Consumer complaints regarding violations of their rights and interests by energy and utilities entities, and resolves disputes arising between energy and utilities entities on the following issues:

  • Access / connection to electricity, heat and gas networks, oil and gas pipelines, district water supply and sewerage networks;
  • Adherence to license conditions by business entities;
  • Quality of goods and services provided to consumers in the fields of energy and utilities;
  • Other issues which are considered by law to be the responsibility of the Regulator.

The Regulator considers consumers’ complaints in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Citizens’ Appeals”. Disputes arising between economic entities operating in the fields of energy and utilities shall be resolved in the manner approved by the Regulator.

In dealing with complaints and dispute resolution, the Regulator shall have the right to ask energy and utilities entities to provide copies of documents, explanations and other information necessary to establish the facts of the case and to settle disputes.

Prior to deciding on the merits of the dispute, the Regulator may hold preliminary hearings with the  interested parties and, if necessary, conduct unscheduled inspections. The procedure for holding preliminary hearings is determined by the Regulator.

Based on the results of consideration of the complaint and dispute resolution, the Regulator makes a decision on:

  • cessation of violation of the legislation in the relevant sphere by the entity conducting activities in the field of energy and utilities;
  • termination of infringement by an entity that conducts activities in the fields of energy and utilities, licensing conditions;
  • imposition of a fine on an economic entity engaged in activities in the fields of energy and utilities in due course;
  • termination of the applicant’s appeal.

The decision of the Regulator is made available to the entity operating in the fields of energy and utilities by sending or handing in a receipt. The decision taken by the Regulator during the pre-litigation process is binding on the parties involved in the dispute and can be appealed in court.

Electrical safety

In order to ensure one’s electrical safety:

– Do not touch wires hanging or lying on the ground. Remember that it is lethal not only to touch, but also to walk closer than 8 meters near a ground wire;

– Do not climb onto roofs of buildings where power lines are nearby;

– Do not arrange parking under them or start a fire;

– Do not skim over wires of overhead electric lines; do not allow children to play directly under the overhead electric lines and near line substations;

– Do not run kites under overhead electric lines.

– Do not touch metal drawings of the cable support and TV antennas, which could be under voltage as a result of overhead electric lines damage;

– Avoid accidental approach to the power lines during work performed under overhead electric lines: construction of structures and buildings, loading and unloading, storage of materials and others;

– Remember that the inappropriate installation of radios, TV antennas, carrying out various works near the overhead lines with the approach to the metal parts of the overhead electric lines causes electrical injuries: unauthorized carrying out of works in electrical installations that do not belong to you, independent connection to the electrical grids usually causes electrocution;

– Do not allow unqualified persons to install new or repair existing electrical installations. Carelessly performed repairs can result in injury to persons using these electrical installations;

– A portable power tool is a source of high danger. Before using the power tool, read the safety regulations and the operating instructions from the manufacturer;

– Household electrical appliances, portable lamps are intended for use only in rooms with floors that do not conduct electric current;

– In any case do not touch the unplugged and unmounted wires that feed the home. Do not even use insulated inputs for improper use, as a rope for hanging, drying clothes and more.

Remember! In most cases, accidents occur when home-made extenders and appliances are manufactured and used.

When using electricity at home:

– do not use homemade bugs to protect the electrical wiring against short circuits, use certified fuses;

– do not use defective electrical appliances, insulation of wiring and switches – a constant source of injuries and accidents;

– do not repair electrical appliances without disconnecting them from the electrical outlet, do not perform any electrical installation yourself. Repairs must be carried out by specialists.

– to clean the lighting equipment, lamps, portable luminaries from dust and dirt, it is necessary to switch them off from the mains;

– use plugs to connect appliances to the mains. It is not allowed to connect the exposed ends of the wires;

– when washing with a washing machine do not touch it with wet hands;

– take steps to exclude children from accessing electrical appliances.

Open sockets should be equipped with special plugs.

In order to avoid cases of electrocution, it is necessary to know the following rules of electrical safety and to observe them:

  • Use in wet rooms with portable lamps and electrical appliances with a voltage not exceeding 36V;
  • Do not touch wires that are sagging or on the ground (approaching them closer than 8 meters is lethal);
  • Do not fill plugged-in kettles, coffee makers with water from the tap, as simultaneous touching of the switched on appliance and the tap will cause a person to be electrocuted;
  • Do not replace lamp bulbs without switching them off, do not wipe the electrical wires, plug sockets, switches, other electrical appliances connected to the mains with a damp cloth;
  • Do not carry plugged-in electrical appliances to the yard, as in the event of damage to the insulation, a person standing on the ground and touching any metal part of the device may be electrocuted;
  • Do not climb on the roofs of structures, do not climb trees near overhead lines, do not attempt to penetrate transformer substations for any purpose, do not attempt to repair the breaks of wires by yourself;
  • Do not jam power lines with doors, window frames; do not fasten them with nails, paint or stain to avoid damage and premature drying of the insulation of power lines. This leads to fires and accidents when in contact with people;
  • Do not allow children to play under overhead electric lines or near electrical equipment, explain them the dangers of such behavior;
  • Do not allow children to play with plug sockets;
  • Do not hang things on wires, switches and sockets;
  • It is important to know that household appliances (kettles, irons, hotplates, etc.), as well as portable lamps (floor lamps, table lamps) with a voltage of 220V are intended for use in rooms with non-conductive floors.

WARNING!!!! If a person has been electrocuted, do not touch him with your hands, but quickly switch off the electrical installation (switch or cut the wire with an ax, a shovel with a dry wooden handle), pull the victim using the dry clothes that are behind the body. After that, first aid (artificial respiration, stop the blood, apply a tire) should be started immediately and a doctor should be called! Contrary to popular belief, it is forbidden to bury the victim in the ground, as these actions will not be beneficial, it can only lead to the death of the victim. Be careful and attentive!

The use of electrical appliances with damaged insulation connected to the mains in the open air can cause electric shocks because the EARTH is an ELECTRICAL CURRENT!

In case your power lines are damaged, arrange damage protection and immediately report it by telephone by calling +38 (05252) 51393 or sending an e-mail to: ogepfk@gmail.com.