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Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant to offer an internship to the winner of the all-Ukrainian student scientific works competition

PFP, which prioritizes developing a comprehensive training program for the mining industry, provided support to the participants and organizers of the all-Ukrainian competition on scientific words in which students and postgraduates participated.

As a part of preparation for the IX International Ferroalloy Conference, which was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloy Manufacturers (UkrFA) in cooperation with five Ukrainian universities, a competition of scientific works by students and postgraduates: “Innovative approaches in electrometalurgy and related industries: from science to production” was held between January 20 – April 5, 2020.

The Engineering and Physics Faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” became an educational partner of UkrFA.

The organizers identified the following main tasks for the competition:

– Identify and develop of gifted students, help them to realize their abilities;

– Stimulate students’ creativity;

– Popularize achievements in science, technology and innovative technologies;

– Involve leading scientists, as well as scientific and pedagogical workers in active work with the gifted students;

– Form teams for participation in international competitions and projects;

– Search for ways to improve the technologies of domestic production;

– Encourage young people interested in science to cooperate with the real sector of the economy.

Serhiy Nakonechnyi, a student of KPI, who wrote the scientific work “New protective coatings obtained by cold gas-single coating” was the winner of the competition. As the main prize, Serhiy received an offer from Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant to join the company as an intern to explore how theoretical developments might actually work in the current production conditions.

“Our metallurgical sector lacks the qualified personnel and investments necessary in order to occupy leading positions in the world,” the winner of the competition told reporters.

It should be noted that both PFP and the UkrFA pay great attention to the development of young people and support students wishing to build careers in metallurgy. UkrFA provides scholarships to the best students of NmetAU on a regular basis, organizes excursions and labor markets for young people in cooperation with the association member companies, holds youth conferences, and participates in preparation of the Program of the International Ferroalloy Congress for Young Professionals (the so-called “Youth INFACON”).

With regard to PFP’s educational activities, the company aims to adhere to a comprehensive approach in training and retraining of employees. Specialists wishing to pursue a higher education are provided with scholarships funded by PFP. Employees interested in improving qualifications or changing roles within the enterprise are invited to undergo appropriate programs within the company’s training center.

In total, during 1H 2020, 51 people completed their studies in new professions, and 33 received a second profession. Another 73 upgraded their qualifications. 5 employees were studying at the university: one in full-time education and four in distance learning. PFP management plans to extend this approach to a wider audience and develop a set of programs and measures that would allow a systematic educational investment in future personnel.

Since the beginning of the school year, PFP has launched an interactive project for schoolchildren called “PICH”, which is still in test mode. The project’s main goal is to introduce teenagers to new opportunities in the mining industry in a comprehensive and exciting format. Ideally, PFP would also hope to increase the number of teens who might eventually choose technical or specialized related disciplines in the future.

The format of interactive communication with teenagers over social media was chosen after the importance of online education increased during the lockdown. The experience with virtual schools has shown that the vocational education system also requires new approaches. Taking the conclusions of educators as a basis, PFP decided to launch educational activities through targeted work with pupils by using the internet-based tools popular within this age group.

“Implementation of a policy of continuous improvement is the number one topic at modern, dynamic enterprises. We know our own problems and risks, and consider them all when we make decisions about what and where we need to improve. And new talented personnel can provide us with substantial assistance,” added Denys Shevchenko, PFP Director General.