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PFP granted aid to medical workers of Kyrovograd region

Charity Fund “Development of Pobuzzhia”, founded at Pobuzzhia Ferronickel Plant, extends its participation in actions against COVID-19.  

Charity Fund “Development of Pobuzzhia” (village Pobugskoye, Kyrovograd region) has granted financial aid to Municipal noncommercial enterprise “Emergency medical care and Disaster medicine Center of Kyrivigrad region”.  These fund amounts were used to purchase individual protection equipment for medical workers, disinfectants and sterilizing equipment.

In particular, medical workers were provided with respiratory protection masks BUK-3К FFP3, face protecting masks and one-piece garments, boot covers and one-time-use hats.  They received not only disinfectants, but also disinfecting equipment.

According to Denis Shevchenko, PFP Director General, the support of medical institutions of the region is one of the main tasks of social policy of the Plant and Charity Fund “Development of Pobuzzhia”: «We provide material and financial support to medical institutions of Pobugskoye village on a constant basis, as well as to people of the village, who require emergency medical care.  In 2019 the Fund had financed healthcare activities for the amount of UAH600 thousand. Mainly by the aid of the Fund and of PFP the hospital of Pobugskoye village is supplied with everything needed for successful performance of their duties, especially during quarantine. Current aid from the Fund is aimed for ambulance medical workers, who are in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.”

Denis Shevchenko reminded that the Plant is on quarantine now. Under the quarantine the following measures are taken: monitoring of employees’ health regarding COVID symptoms, control of body temperature at the entrances to the plant, employees are recommended to reduce physical contacts and keep distance of 1,5 m at least, handshaking is prohibited.  As gatherings in groups of more than 10 people are under a ban,  meetings in divisions, technical departments and administration are performed in reduced membership.

Employees from high-risk group (age 65 and older) are provided with vacation for this period to ensure they keep to isolation.  To avoid gathering of personnel, the schedule of canteen and showers is changed.

All employees are provided with necessary amount of disinfectants and face protecting masks.   Preventive measures are taken, such as disinfection of shower cabins, of technological vehicles and cranes, of operation control cars are performed after each shift.  On regular daily basis wet cleaning, disinfection of equipment and working place are performed, the facilities are well aired.

Informing of the employees, including recommendations and explanations regarding virus spreading, is performed on daily basis.   As of today the Plant has spent UAH200 thousand for the implementation of quarantine measures.