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LLC Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant reports on the results for 9 months of 2018

The total amount of processed ore at PFP LLC for the first 9M 2018 amounted to 1,081.5 thousand tonnes (114.3% vs. 9M 2017), which corresponds to 57.3 thousand tonnes of ferronickel from ore raw materials (106.3% vs. 9M 2017) or 11.9 thousand tonnes of nickel (81.9% vs. 9M 2017). The expected volume of processed ore for the year is 1,362 thousand tons, which corresponds to 75.8 thousand tons of ferronickel or 16.3 thousand tons of nickel.

To ensure uninterrupted operation of the enterprise, Solway Group initiated a major overhaul of the primary technological equipment: during 1Q 2018, the planned overhaul of the ore-thermal furnace No. 2 was performed.

Since July 1, 2018, the salaries of the employees of PFP LLC has been increased by 38%. At the same time, the average salary for 9M 2018 was UAH 8,815, which is 34.7% higher than same period in the previous year and 3.6% higher than the national average.

The amount of taxes paid by PFP LLC to the budget of Ukraine in the specified reporting period amounted to UAH 66,891.4 thousand, which is 23.3% higher than the same period in the previous year. This includes social contribution payments of UAH 34,395.0 thousand. (26.3% vs. 9M 2017), income tax and military levy – 26,694.3 thousand UAH. (24.1% more than 9M 2017).

Expenditures for the maintenance of the social sphere of the town of Pobuzhske for 9M 2018 amount to UAH 3,000.6 thousand (up 14.5% from 9 months last year). In addition, PFP LLC spent $4,613.2 thousand on sponsorship, cultural and mass work and rehabilitation of employees (1.0% more than during 9M 2017).

Expenses for training of PFP LLC personnel for the 9M of 2018 amounted to UAH 529,100 (3 times more than in the same period in the previous year). During just 9M 2018, 82 workers were trained for new professions and 48 people were retrained; 193 people advanced their professional skills. During this period, six employees studied at universities on external degree programs and 2 people studied on a full-time basis.

In 2017, a project for the production of new products – crushed stone fraction from 5 to 70 mm – of slag ferronickel production was implemented; during the period of 9M 2018, 27.4 thousand tons were produced.

In 2018, PFP was re-enrolled in an investor scholarship program for talented children. The expenses of the investor and program partners for the training of talented high school students in English and for the visit to the international opera camp in Salzburg amounted to about UAH 500 thousand.

To improve the environmental situation at the enterprise, the reconstruction of the third stage of gas purification equipment on tubular rotary kilns No. 1 and No. 2 was initiated, which will result in a reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere to the level of international standards. The plant also purchased equipment and performed corresponding works which cost approximately UAH 50 million.