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Director General of PFP: “Quarantine cannot be the reason for refusal of social obligations”

Even under crisis the Plant continues the realization of social programs

Moderation of quarantine measures in Ukraine should not only lead to improving of economic situation, but also to realization of social obligations.  It is what Denis Shevchenko, Director General of Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant has stated while commenting on quarantine moderation throughout the country: “Economic redevelopment and enterprise efficiency should not prevent the realization of social obligations, which were taken upon socially responsible business representatives.  The consequences of pandemic influence with no exceptions, but the most hurt are the socially unprotected people.  That is why their supporting should be one of the main tasks for the government, as well as for socially responsible businessmen”.

According to press relation service, the Plant provides help to social infrastructure of Pobugskoye village and to its people.  In 2019 total expenses for village social infrastructure support compiled UAH4,4 million, and Charity Fund “Development of Pobuzzia”, founded by the Plant, has granted aid to people of the village in the amount of UAH600 thousand.

During the period of quarantine, the enterprise has granted aid to ambulance medical workers of the region by providing them with protection and disinfection means.  The village hospital was provided with all necessary means, expandable materials are constantly supplied, cleaning agents and detergents as well.  Besides that, the plant has purchased electronic temperature measuring device.

Besides investments to education and healthcare, the plant assists to maintain order in the village. In particular, monthly expenditures for landfilling compile UAH60 thousand.

It is necessary to note, that the plant has granted financial aid for police department mending in the amount of UAH36 thousand.

Press relation service of PFP informs, that as of today there is no single case of COVID-19. Nevertheless, quarantine measures are kept at the plant, the expenditures for which compiled UAH200 thousand.

In 2020, excluding quarantine expenditures, the financing planned for the first half of the year should amount to UAH3,3 million, and UAH6,5 million for year.