Charity Foundation

“Pobuzhya Development” Charity Foundation

“A person is constantly given a lot only when he has learned to give everything he has to many!”

Foundation’s motto: “Charity for the Future!”

Vision: Our charity foundation is a link of good deeds, thus changing the future and generating a chain reaction, which significantly improves the lives of millions of people in Ukraine and around the world.

The Pobuzhya Development Charity Foundation was founded in 2013 with the support of Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant LLC.

Initially, the main purpose and mission of the foundation was to develop our village, help local citizens in need, and, of course, our children. At the moment, the foundation has even more tasks, but we are confidently moving towards achieving our goals.

The main goal is to perform charity activities, aimed at assisting the seriously ill and incurably ill residents of the village, as well as children. We also assist in the development of the settlement’s local infrastructure, and support schools, kindergartens and other community organizations.

Our tasks:

  • Providing financial, material and other assistance to the plant’s employees and residents of the settlement;
  • Assistance in providing draftees with necessary things;
  • Assistance in improving living conditions in kindergartens, schools, youth centers,  Cultural Center;
  • Providing local settlement organizations with necessary equipment;
  • Financial support of the hospital;
  • Participation and assistance in the development and support of settlement infrastructure;
  • Running charitable sports and entertainment events;
  • Other tasks aimed at achieving the Organization’s goals.